This Wednesday, there's a free teleseminar by Helen Fisher (author of Why Him? Why Her?) on The Brain in Love.... a short course on the neurobiology of romance, and why a break-up can be akin to withdrawal from narcotics.  (Yep - been there, done that, in my misspent youth.... definitely not a day at the beach, and this explains why...) 

You can get the intriguing science behind our not-so-rational behavior when we're besotted, along with some practical insights and useful approaches to attachment and detachment, by clicking here.

Last week I gave a workshop on guided imagery for the Integrative Medicine in Residency Training at Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona – this is the institution created by Andrew Weil MD to train docs in what used to be called the CAM therapies, and built up beyond recognition by Executive Director Victoria Maizes MD and her talented colleagues.

The people in the audience were their town’s local champions in integrative medicine – the ones who train residents in primary care and pediatrics at 47 major hospitals around the country.  (The program started 5 years ago with only a handful of hospitals participating).

The field is growing by leaps and bounds, mainly thanks to this Center, which has trained over 1000 fellows over the past several years.  Chances are there’s a hospital near you that has a new Integrative Medicine Dept, run by somebody trained here.  In fact, I chatted with a doc from the Cleveland Clinic whom I’d never met at home. 

The Center uses a sophisticated combination of distance learning and face to face gatherings in the Tucson desert.  I’ve participated on panels and discussion boards offered through a sophisticated software platform that allows conversation threads and wonderful group discussions to go on and on, from anywhere and at any time.  It’s quite wonderful.

So I applaud this program and want to make sure people know about it.  In their own clever, quiet, thoughtful way, they’re revolutionizing the way medical care is being delivered, and it’s the patients and their families who ultimately benefit.  

So, hat’s off.

I’ll also be speaking for this group at their upcoming 11th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference in Addison, Texas, May 5-7.  They anticipate having approximately 700 participants, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals.  The educational format includes lectures with question-and-answer periods, panel discussions, and a variety of concurrent sessions, cooking demos and some pretty great, healthy food.  I’ll be keynoting a talk on guided imagery for diabetes.

Take care and be well,