Having a Safe, Sane, Serene Summer Yet?

There's something about longer, warmer summer days that makes it impossible not to crave a break from rules and routine. This sentiment rings especially true this year, after months of isolation and major disruption of all the usual rituals of Spring & early Summer. I can't remember the last time I wanted to get out of my house this badly!

And because summer is summer, there's a special collection of mishaps awaiting us once we've dashed into the great outdoors. I’m not just talking about losing a flip-flop or getting “brain freeze” from a too-big bite of ice cream. These summer health hazards can really ruin the rest of your day...or the rest of the season:

• Injuries. Hitting the bike trails, beaches, and blacktop means sprained muscles, broken bones, sunburns, rashes, dehydration...you get the idea. Some mindfulness meditation practice can foster being,..well,...mindful about watching where you’re going and how you’re getting there. And if you get injured anyway, we’ve got some great hypnosis for quicker more pain-free healing.

• Allergies. Pollen doesn’t go away when spring is done. It’s still floating around, landing on our patio furniture and picnic blankets, and making us sneeze and itch when we come in contact with it. And then there’s poison ivy, which doesn’t even have to touch you to make you miserable – it just has to leave some of its toxic oil on something you touch (your clothes, your sports gear, or even your pet) to give you a blistery rash. We have guided imagery by Belleruth and state-of-the-art hypnosis by Carol Ginandes to reduce the severity and frequency of allergic reactions.

• Insect bites. Do you ever feel like there’s a giant neon sign flashing “Eat Here” over your head? Bug bites aren’t just annoying. They can transmit dangerous diseases or get infected. Take one of the peskiest – deer tick bites that can lead to debilitating Lyme Disease if you don’t get treatment within a few months after that tick visitation. We’ve got something to help with Lyme Disease if you missed that window. Glenda Cedarleaf's potent guided imagery targets the cellular, physiological, and symptomatic impact of Lyme.

So go ahead and kick off your shoes... frolic! picnic! Float contentedly in the pool! Read some trash in the hammock!  And if you end up with a fun-spoiling injury, insect bite, or allergy attack, one of our guided meditations can help you get back to enjoying the summer before it ends.