He Lost 45 Lbs. With Guided Imagery, Relaxation and Exercise

We got an email from a 37-year-old man who began using guided imagery after reading a review on Amazon about mind-body approaches. He started using David Illig’s Weight Loss audio, alternating it with Martha Howard’s Freeing Yourself of Excess Weight, and BR’s Weight Loss imagery.

He combined that with a serious uptick in weekly exercise, and after five months, lost 45 pounds. 

Here is the ancient review from Amazon that motivated him:

I began a weight loss program on May 20, 2002. I purchased the Naperstek (sic) tape and began listening to it two weeks prior to starting my diet and exercise program. I don't know how it happened, but truly this tape helped me re-direct my subconscious mind from negative/guilt thinking to a positive/self-esteem mindset.

I have been obese for 43 years of my 50-year-old life, and I am just now experiencing how it "feels" to like myself and to recognize real joy within myself. To date, I have shed 66 lbs. (I have another 134 lbs. to go!) and I have never felt like this health journey was a burden--all the "elements" needed for successful weight loss just seemed to fit right in! I truly believe that once the "mind" is focused and ready, everything else will fall into its place. I'm actually enjoying my weight loss program and my exercising and I continue to listen to the Naperstek tape every day (I've listened to it well over one hundred times and it's still "fresh" and very beneficial for me).

Naperstek's guided imagery begins with relaxation while taking "inventory" of how your entire body feels (from head to toe), moving on to building for yourself an imaginary support system of very special loved ones in your life (both living and deceased), then special imagery to help you become "in touch" with your body (your "steadiest companion") both physically and mentally by visualizing the bodily process of how fat is burned and energy is stored, and finally focusing on self-motivation ("you can do this") and visualizing the "new" you.

Throughout the entire meditation, Naperstek inserts numerous positive statements to help the listener focus on "cleaning out the closets of your mind" in order to think clearly and be self-motivated and to avoid returning to "old wounds" that should be left in the past.

I applaud Naperstek and I thank her!

November 17, 2003 Update:

I have shed 103 lbs. and still faithfully listen to Naperstek's tape about twice a week. I have yet to grow tired of listening to this tape. How utterly fantastic I feel!

[Ed. Note: Most people DO get tired of listening to one audio program after a few weeks or months!]

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