I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in Salt Lake City on Nov 22-3 for my weekend workshop with ConferenceWorks: Reversing Panic Attacks, Acute Stress and PTSD: Powerful New Solutions to Formerly Intractable Problems.  I’ll be including the latest, research-based techniques and clinical successes from using imagery and other mind-body methods for healing panic episodes, acute stress and posttraumatic stress.  It’s for professionals and health consumers too (the health & mental health professionals get 9 continuing education credit hours).  So come and get some practical, life-changing tools to take away and put to work immediately, on yourself or your clients.  For more information, call 800-395-8445, email [email protected], or check out the online brochure.

And speaking of research, the past few years have seen some exciting gains for guided imagery.  Outcomes have been very impressive for stroke and motor skills rehabilitation, sports performance, posttraumatic stress and up-regulating immune function in patients with viral infections, herpes and breast cancer.  In addition, studies using brain scans have been showing how the same neural pathways that get activated during movement light up during imagined movement.  This is heady stuff and it’s bound to yield even more studies.  We’ve certainly come a long way from the days – not so long ago – when very few people took these mind-body methods seriously!

And now, hats off to Jim Gordon, who just got a $411,000, two-year Dept of Defense grant to study the effectiveness of the Center for Mind Body Medicine’s comprehensive approach to treating posttraumatic stress disorder and major depression with troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and their families. The study will be undertaken at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System.  Very cool.

OK, take care and be well!!