Health Journeys Gratitude Corner


Here at HJ, we like to practice what we preach! That means that since we've been asking you to share what you're grateful for this holiday season, we went around the office and collected some staff answers to the same question. After all, fair is fair :) Check out the responses:

"I am grateful for Netflix (and the miracle that is my remote), tasty prepared food, friends who know things, a fella who can cook, and kids I actually like as well as love."

-Belleruth N., President & CEO

"I'm grateful for the health of my parents, my husband's work ethic, my daughter's imagination, all the stars we can see from our backyard, and my robotic vacuum."

-Lisa D., Social Media & Engagement

"I'm thankful for my family and their good health, somewhere warm and comfortable to lay our heads at night, and the college acceptance letters (with scholarship awards) for my son...and the heated seats in my car!"

-Cheryl P., Director of Operations

"I am thankful to be back in my home town and closer to my family and friends. I am also thankful for the opportunities ahead in my professional and personal life."

-Delaney F., Marketing Associate

"I am grateful for friends who have become family, for family that has been supportive of one another, for my wife’s heart, for my childrens’ reminders to appreciate the simple things and for the puppy that has already given my children everything they wanted this holiday season."

-Jonathan G., COO

"I'm grateful for my sweet puppy, public libraries, nurses who make you feel calm and comfortable at the doctor, the peaceful silence during a big snowstorm, and that I am able to go home and see my family for the holidays."

-Abby R., Marketing Strategy Manager

"I am thankful for each new day as an opportunity to grow by being loved, supported, inspired, and challenged by family, friends and colleagues, and to have the ability to return in kind. I am grateful for all those who have been close to me for many years and the blessing to have met some truly great people recently who I am proud to call my co-workers."

-Maureen M., VP of Business Development

And at the risk of sounding a tad trite and cheesy, (Don’t be fooled! We mean this!!) we are also grateful for you, our Health Journeys community, for letting us contribute to your health and wellness year after year, and for teaching us a thing or two while doing so. If you haven't yet, share what you're grateful for on this post and you'll help deepen an already deep discount on Black Friday. No Facebook? No problem! Send us an email at [email protected] with what or whom you're grateful for, and we'll add it to the post on your behalf.

Best Wishes,