Thank you all so much for last week’s explosion of App Wisdom in response to our request to please lead us out of the digital wilderness. The outpouring of smarts that we got from you all was amazing and extremely helpful. We think we get it now. and we’re readjusting our approach accordingly. You’ll see more on these changes in the weeks to come.

So, flush with success from our last query, we’ve now got another one for you.  We’re looking for an experienced Rock Star Sales Consultant with a proven track record, who can bring guided imagery into corporate and institutional settings with assurance, integrity, know-how, creativity, strategy and, yes, even panache.  

Mind you, we aren’t looking to hire a good sales person.  We’re only going to hire a great one. 

So, do you know somebody like this?  Or better yet, are you somebody like this?  If so, check out the official job description, languaged in fluent Biz-Speak here. Then, if you’re still game after reading all that, please shoot us a resume over to [email protected] and show our hiring team what you’ve got!  We’re very excited to be doing this and we’re going to be moving fast.

I hope you’ve noticed our awesome new Practitioner We Love, Pat Alandydy RN, who for decades has been dedicatedly toiling in the fields of mind-body medicine in northern New England, where she’s slowly but surely made quite a dent, creating more humane, patient-centered hospital care and more integrative services available.  

And do check out our terrific new Hot Program, TriaDea Integrative Health Care, founded by fertility pioneer, Alice Domar PhD, and her colleagues from Pulling Down the Moon, to provide state of the art info, products and services to health consumers while adding services and training to whole practices, in order to make it easy for a clinic or unit to adopt integrative care with speed, efficiency and assurance of high quality.  

OK, that’s it for this week.  Take care and be well.