Healthy Weight & Body Image Is Here!

2220bGood news, folks! The MP3 downloads are now available for Traci Stein's long awaited title of hypnosis and guided imagery for achieving a healthy weight and a respectful, appreciative attitude toward your body.

As is often the case with Traci's work, there are a variety of long and short meditations for when you're awake and separate tracks for when you're asleep.

We expect the CD hard copies to be in the warehouse on or around the 20th of the month - any day now, in other words. So go ahead and order.

Now, just to state the obvious, this is not your culturally stereotypical weight loss narrative, filled with distorted ideas about what you should look like (i.e., pathologically skinny, like the last knobby-kneed, non-menstruating, 80 pound stick of a model you saw bobbling down the runway, locomoting on fumes). Nor does this imagery tell you that in order to feel good about yourself you have to look good.

This is much more complex, nuanced, psychologically sound and genuinely empowering, building on the sense of self that can only come from within and focusing on how the body feels from the inside when it's strong and healthy and happily doing what it was born to do.

This is a critically important distinction, this business of sensing from the inside vs looking from the outside, and it's an approach that has legs (not necessarily cookie-cutter, model-thin, knobby-kneed, undernourished legs.... Rather, strong, healthy, beautifully working legs – with your own unique combination of muscle, bone and fat – your legs, good people!)

2225bHere's what Traci has to say in describing this latest addition to her wonderful body of work:

Your healthiest weight is the one that honors your inherent worth and keeps your body strong, mind sharp, and emotions balanced. This multi-track, holistic, mind-body CD or MP3 download is designed for those who need to make moderate lifestyle adjustments to improve their wellness, all the way to those struggling with an eating disorder.

It draws on the power of hypnotic guided imagery, mindfulness practices, and affirmations to help you learn how to stop overeating and how to stop emotional eating, and shift instead to healthy eating for weight loss, healthy amounts of exercise, or even healthy eating to gain weight naturally.

So check it out. We're delighted and proud to add this title to our growing list of work by this impeccable practitioner.
All best,

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