Hello, 2018! How are ya? Have a seat...

Well, there goes another year, People! G’bye 2017, and Greetings, 2018.

Hello, 2018, tell me all about yourself – we’re gonna be together for 365 days, so let’s be friends.  Tell me how you’re gonna be different from 2017.

Yes, it’s hard to escape the trite notion of new beginnings for the new year.  And that’s okay. Perhaps it is time to start over, shape up in this or that realm, gear up for some positive change.

Now, I’m not so big on Resolutions with a capital R.  At least for me, I do better and stick longer with incremental changes that happen day by day, rather than those great, big, aspirational meta-changes.  I’m all about low ambitions, accruing bit by bit. That’s the ticket for me. ’Cause it adds up.

I’m applying this to physical therapy, even as we speak.  40 years of scoliosis and favoring my left side resulted in weakened muscles on my left.  It sneaked up on me and now I’m relearning how to walk properly.

It’s taking longer than I thought, but it’s getting better, day by day.  So, I don’t like the pace, but I like the trend, and that’s good enough.  In fact, I’m writing this at a standing desk, putting most of my weight on my right side and tapping my left foot.  Looks weird, but it helps, and it doesn’t take extra time.

So, what changes are you looking at?  What will your relationship with 2018 look like?

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Take care, be well, and happy new year!

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