Hello again.

We’re ramping up for our new Fall catalog and will have a lot of terrific new audio and video resources in store for you.  You’ll be hearing about the new offerings as they arrive in our warehouse, but I wanted to give you a heads up.  We’d been looking high and low for high quality materials in certain areas, and we think we’ve finally hit the jackpot on some of them.  I’ll be telling you about some great inner child meditations; beautifully targeted self-esteem work for teens; and one of the best programs for managing/mastering anxiety I’ve ever heard.  I’ll say more when the stuff arrives.

And speaking of good materials, I recently found a really worthwhile list of meditation and guided imagery resources, many available free, thanks to a Google Alert.  It’s on a Gluten-free website as a side bar.  If you want to check it out, it’s here.

Just a reminder to those of you who nagged us for years (and rightly so): we are now available on iTunes, and you can find most of our titles there.  This includes the new, military friendly Mind-Body Exercises for Self-Mastery that Dave Rauls, 1SG, US Army (RET) helped us rework.  It’s his intro and his voice in the introductory segment.  Although this is geared for service members, there have been a lot of mothers who were tearing their hair out over their teenage boys who got this audio for them.

And speaking of Fort Sill, we’ll be there in a week, launching a controlled guided imagery study with 300 soldiers to see if listening regularly to guided imagery audio segments helps in any significant way with re-entry stress with our returning soldiers.  Our population will be 150 troops newly returned from running roads in Iraq; and another 150 troops, newly returned from a training mission of local soldiers in Afghanistan.  Half of each group will listen to the imagery, over and above the regular resiliency training they get; and half will just do the resiliency training.  Hopefully we’ll learn a lot from this that we can put to use for our service members. Stay tuned.

OK, take care and be well.