I was told about the successful surgery CD by an acquaintance and decided to try it before my surgery. When I was in my 20's I learned self-hypnosis to alleviate my fear and it was invaluable during the labor of my first child. I wish I would have continued practicing it but once used, I put it aside.

Now 30 years later I was facing a hysterectomy with 3 large fibroids, the largest one over 20 centimeters. My imagination was flooded with worse-case scenarios! This CD not only helped to dissipate my fear but also contributed and continues to contribute greatly to my recovery.

I was up and walking around and able to shower myself before anyone else in my room who had surgery the same day as me and I was released in less than a week. I also did not need to use pain medication for very long. The doctors were surprised and everyone commented how well I was doing and looking.

I have to say as a side note that I was amazed at the sense of well-being I was experiencing because I've always, in the past, been a real chicken when it came to doctors and hospitals. For me the prospect of anything medical would cause my blood pressure to soar and to top it all off being an American living abroad, I was afraid of foreign doctors and hospitals even more.

The doctors here, (I live in The Netherlands and was treated at a university hospital), turned out to be just great though! They are also very interested in the CD and have been passing it around to listen to ever since my surgery which was just over a month ago. I'm glad I have it also recorded on my I-Pod because I don't think I'll see it for some time to come!

One of the nurses just contacted me recently and has asked to borrow it for her son and was hoping it came also in Dutch. I am giving her the address to your website. I think you better practice your foreign language skills! Thank You for this amazing tool that helps you participate in your own healing. It made all the difference for me!

[Ed. Note: We told her about Jean-Luc Mommaerts, who is Dutch and has an impressive array of excellent autogenic training CDs in many languages, but certainly in Dutch.]