I would like to purchase the best CD for my client - female 25 years old who is for the first time embarking upon processing her PTSD with EMDR and Rapid Eye Movement.  For the last 3 years she has been developing coping skills, lives in a group home, and works in a sheltered workshop.  Once every 3 months or so, she exhibits very aggressive and primitive outbursts, which require staff and police restraint.  

I am wondering which CD would teach her to really create an inner locus of control, a safe place, while she slowly releases her trauma of her childhood abuse through EDMR and Rapid Eye movement.  We, her professional team, are very concerned for her safety and for the well-being of those around her.


Dear Karl,

Your client is lucky to have the kind of support and expertise you, your teammates and the community are offering her.  I guess the first order of business would be to supply her with guided imagery or relaxation exercises that would help her settle down and self-regulate, should the EMDR work trigger her, or should she run up against one of those aggressive outbursts.  So for this, the General Wellness might be good; Peter Levine’s Healing Trauma might be another gentle, effective place  to start. Our Anger & Forgiveness or Healthful Sleep could also be a help.

It’s not clear to me from the information given here whether she’s developmentally disabled as well as severely traumatized, and I’m not sure if there could be a second order of business.  Our Health Journeys Relaxation & Wellness and our Healing Trauma imagery are definitely geared to build up a strong and stable core, but they can be emotionally evocative too.  If she’s at a point in her treatment where she can tolerate and/or contain her feelings, and it looks like she’s building a real base of self-control and self-soothing ability, then you might want to have her try one or both of these.

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana’s Healing from the Core can also be a big help with this. And if her treatment with EMDR reaches a point of diminishing returns, you could see if she can switch to EFT and proceed from there with a related but alternate technique that some say can be less triggering than EMDR.  

Best of luck and I hope it goes well!

All best,