Help from an Expert on Finding and Keeping Love Relationships

"Shirley is a psychotherapist who specializes in self-esteem and anxiety related issues, and is an award-winning (2003 Milton H. Erickson Award for Scientific Excellence) expert at helping people examine their patterns and change their behavior, thanks to the removed, safe perspective of a light, hypnotic trance state."—Belleruth Naparstek

Creating Satisfying Relationships
By Dr. Shirley McNeal

I am a psychologist who has been in private practice for more than forty years. During this period of time I have spoken with many individuals, both men and women, who want to understand their relationship issues in order to increase the possibility of finding partners who will be the right match for them.

Much has been written about love at first sight and finding your heart's desire, and we know about the laws of attraction and what brings people together in the beginning. However, after the initial infatuation wanes, what enables the relationship to continue in a satisfying and healthy manner? What keeps love alive and allows relationships to last?

7805bI have learned that there are relevant considerations to be aware of, and attend to, regarding the search for a lasting relationship. One needs to be ready for a relationship which involves dealing with the baggage from past relationships as well as exploring the nature of other significant relationships including the family of origin. Sometimes we can fool ourselves into thinking we want to be in a relationship, when subconsciously we really want to remain alone, or do not feel resolved about past relationships.

Once a person feels truly ready to find a partner again, how does one go about that? There are a myriad of ways to meet others, and it's important to try multiple avenues and find what works best for you. When you have met someone whom you feel strongly attracted to, how do you know that the potential is there for developing a satisfying relationship? There are important aspects to consider.

From my experience and knowledge of the relevant research, I have developed a series of recordings addressing those fundamental issues to consider when seeking a lasting relationship. Three audio programs separately focus on preparing for a relationship, finding a relationship and maintaining a relationship.

7810bThese recordings are not lectures but rather hypnotic suggestions. The listener is guided to enter a light, relaxing trance state, a state familiar to those who practice meditation, guided visualization, or yoga. In this trance state, your mind can resonate with those suggestions that are most relevant to you.

Listening to these recordings is similar to day dreaming or a reverie where there is a guide to suggest possibilities to you. Your mind can always reject ideas that seem inappropriate, but in a relaxed state, your usual critical facilities can be suspended to the extent that you are more open to suggestions than you might be in a fully conscious waking state.

Each recording is approximately 20 minutes long. You should not listen to them in your car, but rather in a quiet relaxing environment. Research has shown that listening to a particular recording each day for two to three weeks produces the most successful results.

I would recommend starting with the recording Preparing for a Satisfying Love Relationship then moving to Finding a Satisfying Love Relationship, and ending with Maintaining a Satisfying Love Relationship.

7815bFinding a satisfying relationship needs to be a project that you can fully commit yourself to pursuing. Utilizing these hypnotic methods will be enjoyable as well as facilitating your journey to seeking and finding true love.

Samples of Dr. McNeal's audio programs are available at the above links. To learn more, check out Belleruth's blog post New Hypnosis Downloads for Creating a Satisfying Love Relationship.

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