Help Us Find Fresh New Titles for Our List!


Well, Wow! It’s been an eventful year, seeing major, across-the-board changes - to the way our company is run, the kind of staff we’re hiring, the platforms we’ve built, the organizations we serve, and the audios we produce.

We’ve put substantial focus on apps and web based streaming pages – by early 2019, we’ll have streamlined and updated all the ways we can deliver guided imagery and meditation to individual end-users and companies, on phones, players, desktops, bedside tablets, TV screens, or whatever device is used. 

We’ll have more brief meditations to fit into a busy day; and we’ll increase the range of topics we address, not to mention voices, meditation practices, and narrative styles.

In fact, we feel there’s now so much mind-body, guided meditation content available out there - some great, some awful, much of it “meh” - that it’s that more important to hold our curated list to a persnickety standard, as we expand our list of practitioner-authors and the topics we address.

Sometimes someone will submit some really brilliant content, delivered by a great voice, but it’s been home produced, with noisy engineering, tinny sound, too much sibilance, unedited pops and clicks, old style, high-drama reverb, and the mix has the music so “hot”, it overwhelms the voice.

In that case, when the content is that good, and the topic addresses an issue that affects a sizeable chunk of the population, we’ll take it apart, run the voice track through every possible filter that our awesome sound engineer, Bruce Gigax, has on offer, adjust the mix, equalize the problematic highs and lows in the voice, remove any lispy sibilance (it’s actually called “de-essing”!!), and make it sound like a professional recording that won’t distract a listener with its tech problems.

Sometimes, when the content is fabulous, and the voice is just right, but the tech issues can’t be salvaged, we’ll bring the author in to re-record the whole thing in our studios, under Bruce’s and my direction, and make it an official Health Journeys title. Sometimes the author doesn’t want anything changed, in which case we have to decide whether the excellent or unique content warrants our subverting our standards somewhat and carrying it anyway. We usually take a pass, but every now and then, there’s an exception.

So we’re on the lookout, People!

2019 will see significant growth in our list of fresh titles. We’ll be bringing back the marvelous 12-step recovery imagery of the late Chuck Leviton – there’s nothing quite like it anywhere. We’re in discussion with William DeFoore about adding to his Inner Child audio library. We’ll have more, of course, from Traci Stein and Emmett Miller. We love all things Bodhipaksa, and can’t get enough of the guy.

We’d like to hear from you! What new topics or authors would you like to see in the coming year?  If you do us the honor of taking our brief, end-of-year survey here, we'll send you a small token of our appreciation.  (Yes, that was a bribe. AND, we asked nicely!)

Let us know. Now’s a really good time.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy the close of this year and the start of the next!

All best,