Hello again.

OK, we’re ready to create a new guided meditation to target Traumatic Brain Injury – this has been a long time in coming.  The Fort Sill study is winding down and this is the window we’ve been waiting for.

So this is our usual APB asking for your input.  This is how we get it right, to the extent that we do – by listening to you telling us what needs to be addressed on the recording. 

If you’re a health or mental health provider; if you’re someone who is dealing with this condition; or if you’re a family member or friend who’s been trying to help somebody with TBI, please send us your insights, observations and/or experiences. You don’t have to make sense out of them.  We’ll get enough info from enough people to be able to see common patterns and areas where everyone is affected.  

You can post your thoughts on this page or email me at [email protected].  We’ll make good use of this, I promise, if you’ve got the time to share your wisdom. 

As is always the case when we’re researching these topics, we’re interested in the neurophysiology, the symptoms, the internal, emotional impact, the social and behavioral fallout from having to deal with this, and the solutions, bright spots and assistance that made a dent. So any story, big or small, about any form of TBI, mild or severe, is most welcome and very gratefully accepted.  Thanks in advance.

And if you have the time and the interest, check out this new piece at Huffington Post which describes how far we've come with using guided imagery for cancer patients, and how much we've learned from some pretty dazzling immune system research. 

All best,