Help! What Do Pediatricians Recommend for Night Terrors?

Dear Belleruth,
Our 7-year-old daughter has been suffering from night terrors for years. She sometimes has 3 or 4 in one night and they can last for an hour or two. . . 

When she has them, we can’t wake her. She is fearful and angry in her sleep and we often find her kneeling on her bed. It’s hard for anyone in the house to get enough sleep and I worry about her sleep loss. Can you suggest anything that will help?

Thank you,

Concerned Parents

Dear Concerned Parents,

For your question, I consulted my friend and colleague, Dr. Hilary McLafferty, pediatric psychiatrist and co-director of the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona. She is the author of Integrative Pediatrics: Art, Science and Clinical Application, a sholarly reference book that other docs like to consult.

She suggests you take a look at this link for more information about a relatively new device that has had success with kids, based on research done by the Stanford Night Terrors Research Team.

She adds that most kids outgrow night terrors, but it can be (as you obviously know) exhausting and worrying for the family.  

Best wishes,

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