This comment from a clinician working with offenders in prison showed up on the customer review section of our Healing Trauma page.  

It actually doesn’t surprise us that guided imagery is well received in prisons and penitentiaries, and we’ve heard this again and again.  After all, how else are prisoners – most of whom, as the therapist says, suffer from posttraumatic stress -  going to “get out of jail free” if not through the power of their imagination? 

KD writes:
“I work with offenders in a prison. This means I work with trauma. I also work with people you don't think of first when thinking of who would happily engage in guided imagery.
“This disc is so powerful that the clients I have tried it with have, to a person, responded enthusiastically and thankfully.
“’It is deep! It is deep! I want to finish with that so I can carry this feeling for the rest of the day’ said one particularly stressed out client after listening to this.
“It is a gift. It is challenging, and you pick carefully, but it is VERY VERY good for those who have done some guided imagery, have bought in that it works, and are willing to do it. There--it is deep and powerful.”

Thanks to KD for the reminder that guided imagery is an ideal intervention and best practice for offenders in prison.