I was given your book, Your Sixth Sense, a couple of weeks ago and I have read all of part one, and am now trying out the guided imagery exercises.

I have always believed that there is more than the eye sees. I have noticed a lot that I have many experiences with intuition, whether it is just a gut feeling or something more. I have had experiences like, knowing someone is going to call or show up without anyone saying so, or even hearing from them in a while.

I have had feelings in my throat and stomach like a bad feeling and then something bad happens, and I have also had many dreams about things and then they happen or have happened as I was dreaming about them.

Well with that being said, getting back to the point, I tried my first exercise and I felt like I could see and feel things but not completely, but I felt as if I came very close to achieving results, and I know I can if I just practice more.

But here’s the thing: afterwards, I felt alert… very alert.  The part that really bothered me was when I was going to sleep, (note that I am an insomniac so I really don't sleep much anyway, due to, I guess, my mind just being overactive - not really sure what the problem is and several psychologist are not really sure either…) anyways, as I was going to sleep, I felt like I was being watched. I felt as if there were several kind of entities, I guess you would call it, but they felt very dark and for some reason gave me a feeling as if they didn't really like what I was doing.

Well I was too scared to go to sleep, and usually that’s not what keeps me from sleeping. So I am new to this, but that just didn't feel like the kind of results I was suppose to get, so I'm not sure what to do - if I should continue to practice and do the exercises.

I do not know if the feelings I had or if what I felt was there had anything to do with the guided imagery, but its the first time that I can remember that anything like that has happened to me. So any advice would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks. Tara

Dear Tara,

First of all, keep in mind that people who score high on psi measures can be pretty imaginative, sensitive and suggestible (although not always).  So you may have activated your imagination along with the psychic stimulation of these guided imagery exercises.  Often that’s a good thing that can contribute greatly to creativity, inspiration and intuitive ability.  But sometimes our imaginations can make a little mischief, too.

Second of all, if you check out the back of the book, in the chapter where I talk about the rules and regs of psi etiquette, I mention that if you’re going to pursue this, you have an extra obligation to try to really know yourself well, and understand your unique fears and wishes, so you can accurately evaluate the “information” you’re getting.  You’re obliged to hold suspect and double check anything that’s either a fear or wish, because you could easily be projecting.  

Entities that don’t want you to enhance your intuitive ability??  Not so likely.  More probable, you have your own fears or worries about becoming more psychic; or maybe the people who brought you up were fearful or disapproving of your intuitive pops, and you carry some of that with you.

Your job is to get as grounded and clued into yourself as you can, and seek other kinds of external validation for your psychic insights.  It also wouldn’t hurt, as you pursue this, to do some of the very grounded, embodied exercises suggested in that chapter - get body work, exercise, do moving meditation, focus mindfully on the sensations and reactions in your body, and get support from others who also have these capabilities and have found ways to integrate them into practical, everyday living.  This will help you stay away from dramatizing or sensationalizing this stuff, and just enable you to use the information well.

As for entities hanging around you, my medium friends tell me we all travel in a posse of invisible pals, most of whom are supportive and protective.  You can deliberately and consciously invoke these good guys - the ancestors and guardians who look after your well-being as you sleep (this is part of what the imagery on the Healthful Sleep audio does anyway, by the way) and feel the comfort of being surrounded by protection; you can also ask any unwelcome characters who are just hitching a ride on your nice, juicy energy, to take a hike. I think, you’ll find they tend to oblige, if indeed they’re there.

Finally, if you think these exercises are moving you faster than you’re comfortable going, you can slow down the amount of time you’re spending at this, or ask for help in keeping things at a pace that’s comfortable.  Set that intention, ask for help from the invisible allies and you’ll find yourself moving at a pace that suits you.

Good luck and have fun with this.  It’s neither weird nor special - we all have this ability to see more than the concrete stuff, and it waxes and wanes with the circumstances and phases of our lives.  

All best,