Here’s a wonderful note from a woman who’s a veritable Health Journeys PROMO-Machine.. expressing her incredible enthusiasm and energy, and putting forward an intriguing request in this age of multiple pregnancies.. I''ve been using health journeys guided imagery for over 8 years now - and love them. My first experience was when a nurse at Walter Reed Hospital gave my husband one for Chemo. We then bought the Cancer one. Unfortunately Chuck died a year later of his Stage 4 colon cancer - and I moved on to the Grief tape (still some of the most moving and evocative imagery in my opinion). I''ve also purchased and used the general wellness, stress, healthful sleep, healthy heart (for my significant other), relieve headaches, and the infertility CDs.

In addition as a counseling psychologist in training, working on my doctorate, I''ve given out Health Journeys recommendations to clients as well as family and friends. I''ve also purchased tapes as gifts. Last year for Christmas some friends gave us an autographed copy of Belleruth''s trauma book. So needless to say I am a loyal fan and customer!

After going through treatment for infertility - we have finally been blessed through IVF with donor eggs and are pregnant! So I am passing along my infertility CD to our clinic so they can use it or pass it along to another client. I ordered the Healthy Pregnancy CD and have been using it. But now we''ve just found out that we''re expecting twins! So I was wondering if you''ve thought about making a healthy pregnancy CD for expectant mothers of multiples? I try to do the substitutions of words myself as I listen to the CD - but it is somewhat distracting for me to be "correcting" the guided imagery and changing from "baby" and "fetus" to "babies" and "fetuses" etc. So I thought I would contact you and see if you have considered or would consider making a healthy pregnancy set for those of us who are expectant moms of multiples. I think this would be especially worthwhile - because I would think that a fair percentage of your clients who use the infertility tapes and are going through treatment are those of us who then become pregnant with multiples. Please contact me and let me know if this is something that might become available in the near future (I am just over 6 weeks pregnant - so still have a long way to go!).

Thanks so much! Ali