Here is a funny story from Dinah, who tells us how her son, a hefty guy and proud of it, became the unwilling recipient of the positive effects of imagery for weight loss during the ride to the restaurant.. We got this from Dinah:

I am a large, Goddess-like woman, about 5’9" and maybe 285 pounds. I love to eat and so do my adult boys, who are also of generous proportions. I like the way I look, but I started listening to guided imagery for weight loss for my health. I wanted to lose around 50 pounds for my blood pressure.

I kept one tape in my car so I could listen as I drove around (even though I know you are not supposed to) and one at home by my bed, to listen to before falling asleep. It was definitely having an effect on me, because I wasn’t as hungry. I was mellow. The fried foods that I normally adore were starting to feel greasy and unpleasant on my tongue. Even though I was not getting on the scale (I think that is a bad idea), I could tell from my clothes that I was losing weight. I had more energy too. But that is not what this tale is about.

One night my older son and I were going out to dinner together, and, driving to the restaurant, I put the tape on, as is my wont. He got annoyed and shut the tape off and turned on the radio tuning it to his music station. I usually indulge him, but I just was not in the mood, so I said, very firmly, "PUT THE TAPE BACK IN; IT COMFORTS ME AND I WANT TO HEAR IT!!". He was so shocked, he did what he was told and the imagery played the whole way to the restaurant.

When we got there, we ordered our usual bountiful dinners. We ate and talked and ate, and I felt full before I was done - something that had been happening since listening to the imagery. I actually pushed my plate away before I was done eating everything. However, what was really amazing was that my son did the same thing. And I am here to tell you, as far as I know, he has NEVER pushed away a plate with food on it in his whole life!!

He was affected by that imagery, the same way I was, only he didn’t know it. And believe me, I just smiled to myself and said nothing. It is amazing how something so pleasant can be so dietetic, even to the unwilling!!!!