Here is a wonderful report from the husband of a fearful flyer, who had been landlocked with his family in a tiny corner of the world until introduced to KRS Edstrom’s Fly without Fear CD.. Dear BR,

I arrived back in my country yesterday after a wonderful, if a somewhat wet, two months in the UK. We had bought the fear of flying imagery online and my wife used it, and has now flown 2 round trips for the first time in three years (so much for having a cognitive-behavioral therapist in the family). She said that the recording was both instructive and helpful in the run-up to and on the flights.

To share one anecdote about "best laid plans".. we planned on taking a short (40 min) flight south about a week before leaving for the UK to culminate her on-the-ground preparations for flying again. The planes to this city are usually 757''s or other decent size jets, especially on the weekends. However, when we got to the airport for the Friday afternoon flight, it seems everyone who was planning on traveling south for the weekend had already done so earlier in the day, and they rescheduled our plane from the normal jet to a 20-seater propeller job.

The greatest tribute to her readiness to undertake the exercise was that she even agreed to board the tiny aircraft. This certainly taught me a lesson in rolling with the punches. But we made it down and back, and subsequently to the UK and back. I doubt she''ll ever look forward to flying, but at least as a family we aren''t land locked.

Warm regards, Ari P.