HJ Staffers Buzzing About Belleruth’s New Audio Program.

The excitement at Health Journeys lately is all about the newest guided imagery program, titled A Guided Meditation to Help with Concentration, Focus & Learning (Including ADD, ADHD & LD) by Belleruth Naparstek. As each of us finished listening to the program for the first time, we used one word to describe it. Awesome!

That, in itself, is amazing, because we are blessed to be involved with so many truly wonderful guided imagery programs at all times, we are a hard bunch to impress. We were blown away by this program from the first strains of Steven Kohn’s ethereal music, to the gentle imagery, progressive relaxation and the affirmations, which seemed to be speaking specifically to each of us, though we are a vastly diverse group, in terms of our goals, aspirations and foibles. This was an amazing experience for us and we are excited about providing it to the many who have requested this program, those who are on our pre-order list and everyone who could benefit from it.

Our impression of this new audio is that it contains something for everyone, from a harried, over-scheduled executive to a laid-back meditator. It is as useful to the absent-minded professors of the world as it is to their students.

We are also certain it would be especially helpful for hyperactive kids, including those with ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities. Guided imagery is one of the mind-body modalities being used for children and adults who fall into these categories. To learn about another treatment modality, check out Belleruth’s blog under Hot Research to read Neurofeedback Found Effective for Kids with ADHD.
The really good news is that the first batch of new CD’s is expected in our warehouse soon, and we are taking pre-orders, which will be shipped in November. The MP3 is available through our online store, where you can also listen to an audio sample. Concentration, Focus & Learning is also featured in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, which will be out soon.

We can’t wait for your feedback about this terrific audio program. Hearing from you is one of the things we enjoy most about our work here at Health Journeys. Please let us know what you think.