My award-winning photographer friend, Honey Lazar, has been collecting pearls of wisdom and recipes from her eloquent Aunt Ruth, which she posts on her blog as a tribute to this inspiring woman.  She also has a book in the works, called Loving Aunt Ruth (stay tuned for when that’s done).

She writes:

“I have come to rely on Aunt Ruth for recipes and rules by which to live what Oprah would refer to as ‘my best life’.  Holidays can find me quite reflective about the past, so I spent a sumptuous Sunday with my favorite mentor and asked her just how she lives life with optimism, determination, and humor.


‘Here's what she told me, and it is our joint offering for a life lesson and a wish for a joyful holiday:

‘I have faith.  I get comfort from my religion, but most of all, I understand that life is not easy.  You must have a will to live, and that will comes from loving people. Otherwise there wouldn't be much sense in living."

So simple and clear and true!!  I for one could not agree more.  You can find more of these lovely pearls here.