We were all delighted to get this exuberant news from Melissa H, who delivered her beautiful baby girl after a dicey pregnancy.  We first heard about this from her doula, Robin Younger, CD, PCD (DONA).

But we’ll let her speak for herself.  Here she is:   

I was Robin Younger's client as mentioned prior.  I did in fact listen to your CD's several weeks prior to my delivery of my beautiful baby girl.  I had been trying for seven years unsuccessfully with three miscarriages before I had Sophia.  I even tried IVF unsuccessfully.  

My pregnancy at the beginning was going so smoothly until the 26th week when complication after complication arose.  There was a potential that Sophia too would not make it.  As you can imagine, my stress levels increased as well as my blood pressure - preclampsia became an issue along with other issues.

Until Robin gave me those CD's to listen to, I had no other stress outlet.  I do not know how many times I cried in happiness, stress relief, and in the reassurance I received from listening to your CD's at least twice a day.  I wish I’d had your CD's earlier - that was the only downfall and I wish I had them seven years ago.  

My blood pressure remained high, but stable - enough for a natural vaginal delivery that was miraculous, easy, and stress-free.  Your CD's are a true testament that the mind is powerful - "mind over matter."

Thank you again and thank you for publishing this beautiful work of art and science - everything was beautifully timed and said.  I highly recommend your CD's!  

If I ever plan on having another child, I will purchase your products for sure!  BTW, I absolutely loved the parts of our ancestors looking on and picturing my child within - very powerful, loving, and inspirational!  Thank you again! …hopefully I will be hearing your voice soon again!


[Ed. Note:  That section about the ancestors is BR’s favorite part too.  We know that Melissa will relish her new life of sleepless nights, hazy days and blurry rounds of laundry like few other new Moms!  And we wish her great good luck for whenever she decides to try this again.]