Well, folks, after getting much more information, I've changed my tune and my focus slightly.  I've switched my would-be, long distance (and therefore limited) diagnosis of the Fort Hood shooter.  And, having become alarmed at the way the media has made this event about how people with PTSD are dangerous powder kegs, spring-loaded to go murderously ballistic at the drop of a hat, I felt compelled to refute this notion on my Huffington Post blog,  here.

Please feel free to comment, argue, agree, rant or opine. The more posts the better.  You need to sign up for Huffpo first, but it's no big deal - just give yourself a username and password and you're in. I'm finding it to be a terrific place to impose my opinions upon the unsuspecting nation.  Thanks for your help with this.

For those of you who want to see how a flu virus gets into your system, becomes all fruitful and multiplies by the millions, and how your amazing immune system responds, there’s a terrific cartoon video on NPR’s website that shows how this occurs at the cellular level.  You can find it here

This piece also explains why, after an invading virus replicates by the millions within seconds, we don’t just keel over and drop dead in about a minute.  This is the explanation to focus on if you’re interested in creating your own guided imagery to counter this flu-catching process.

Here are all the ways a virus can get thwarted in real life:


  • For starters, some of the new viruses get caught in mucus and other fluids inside the body, and are destroyed.

  • Other viruses get expelled in coughs and sneezes.

  • Many of these new viruses are inept - lemons, so to speak, lacking the right "keys" to invade the healthy cells, so they can't do any damage.

  • The amazing, versatile immune system gets very mobilized and also can replicate itself, attacking and smiting the viruses wherever and whenever it can.

These are the elements you want to imagine, to accentuate and boost a natural set of events occurring inside your body.  It surely can’t hurt and it may well help. We now have studies posted on our Hot Research page showing that imagining immune cell activity in the blood actually enhances it.

And because of all these factors, that’s why most of the time, after a bout with fever, runny nose, bleary eyes, congested chest, fatigue and aches all over, you’re able to bound out of bed after a few days, ready to grab your life back.  A pretty amazing every day miracle, really.

OK, take care and be well.  Wash your hands a lot and keep away from coughing, sneezing people!

All best,