We’re always getting some variation of this question, so we thought it was time to post it again – especially given all the emphasis on religion permeating this election cycle.  So here it is:

 Hi Belleruth,

Might you be coming out with tapes/cd’s that would be Christian in nature? I have your Depression  and Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue  imagery and highly recommend them.

But for myself, I would like to hear power coming from God, not mystical beings and such.



Dear Vanessa,

Actually, we do carry some lovely, Christian-friendly resources, the Tranquilities Series for Stress, Grief and Cancer by the Reverend Donna Shenk and Dr. Robert Miller. This is scripture-based work, where the imagery surrounds a kernel from Psalms which relates to a central theme for the CD.  Each title contains 5 different CDs, each representing a different theme.

These are lovely, thoughtful and effective guided imagery audios, with matching aromatherapy tools. (We know people love the little vials of essential oils that naturopath Bob Miller creates, because they keep re-ordering them!) The background music uses classic Christian hymns to unobtrusively score the words, and there are calming, environmental sounds as well.  The guiding is shared by hospital chaplain Shenk and holistic Doc Miller, offering a nice balance of masculine and feminine narration – gentle, authentic, appealing voices. 

We've actually always been open to including Bible-based work, but most of what we've found just hasn't been up to par.  I don’t feel qualified to write this sort of imagery myself (although I do try to keep my imagery compatible and inclusive), and that’s why we continue to keep our eyes open for resources from outside our shop.  So if you ever hear of something you think we should check out, please let us know so our team can review it…. and that goes for any religious orientation. 

Thanks again for sharing this feedback.
All best,