A few years a go I was deployed to Iraq with the Armed Forces.  During my deployment, I saw and was involved in many things that still haunt me.  With this Guided Imagery for PTSD, one on one and group counseling, I have been able to cope better with my trauma.

On the first occasion that I first heard Belleruth Naperstak's imagery to release grief and anger, I was awstruck on how deeply it touched me and fellow soliders.  Although, the real difference that captured my attention was that I was grouped in a group of all men, WWII, Korean and Vietnam era veterans.  These were tough minded, successful, men.  At the end of this guided imagery, they were all crying because this had struck them at the heart just as it did for me.  The relief on there faces, I imagine was just the same as mine.

So, in a nutshell, while this is not the cure-all it is a very good, effective tool that I often use.

Many thanks for your efforts and talents that without, I wouldn't know what a moment of peace within my would be.....I'm sure I would have gotten there, but your GI was so powerful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you