A woman who has been on chemo for cancer is now facing surgery, then more chemo.  She was given a stack of CDs but wonders when to use what, and if it’s a mistake to listen to everything at once.  Here is her question.


I have been on chemotherapy for breast cancer for the last 7 weeks.  A few days ago I found the chemo imagery that was given to me when I started.  (I wasn't exactly keeping up with everything.)  Surgery is in 5 days.  I was wondering, is it wasteful to incorporate several CDs at once into the process (e.g. the Cancer, the Surgery, and the Chemotherapy CD) or should I just stick with the Chemo tape?  I'm going back on the Chemo immediately after.



Dear Debbie,

I'd suggest that you start listening to the Surgery audio at least a couple of times a day, at least 2 or 3 days before surgery. We know from our research that this will do you just fine for the surgery, and some of the imagery on it will help you just fine with your immune functioning too. Listen to the affirmations side for a couple of days after the surgery.

Then go back to listening to the Chemotherapy imagery – either mine or Emmett Miller’s.  If or when you get tired  of that imagery,  use either the treatment related Fatigue imagery to help you with the tiredness associated with chemo, as well as assisting with the decline of red and white blood cell counts that occurs.  Carolyn Daitch’s imagery is also a terrific option.

Then, when you're sick of either one of those, go to the Cancer imagery.

And when you're free and clear of that pesky cancer, you can promote yourself up to the General Wellness or Immune System imagery!

All best wishes to you on your healing journey!!