How Can I Find Research Articles about Mind Body Interventions on the Health Journeys Website?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, your cancer guided imagery was my life line. I used to read research articles on your website. Can't seem to find them. . .

Hi Belleruth,

I remember that your guided imagery was my lifeline when I was diagonsed with breast cancer. I am a nursing professor, and I also remember being able to find some research links on your site regarding guided imagery/visualization. Can you direct me to that information?

Many thanks,


Hello, Nancy,

I’m glad the imagery was a help to you. Thanks for letting me know.

Sorry our research databases are hard to find these days. We used to have a separate tab for them. We’ll have to re-think its placement, now that we’re moving our whole site to a new platform.  It’s connected to the blog at the moment, and can be found here .

Let me know if you have more questions about how to find something on there.

All best,

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