How Do We Love Thee, Amazing New Kickass App? Let Us Count the Ways….

Okay, so we know many of you’ve been perfectly happy with our old app, but some of you have suffered frustrating glitches and have wished certain features were otherwise.

Lord knows, we tried to get the developers to fix them. Sometimes they did. Sometimes they didn’t. Mostly it was a feckless time-suck on our end. They kind of had us over a barrel, so the best we could do was pull out every possible trick from our well-worn Book o’ Shameless Persuasive Tactics – begging, flattering, challenging, appealing to their higher instincts, appealing to their lower instincts… you name it, we tried it. 

Bottom line: they were not losing sleep over the ways they were leaving us flatfooted. (Clearly they had not been exposed to my mother, who liked to wag her bony, arthritic finger while saying “A deal’s a deal”.)

So, for the last year, we’ve been plotting our escape – first finding an awesome alternate platform that does everything we (and, more to the point, you) want, with speed, skill and style; and which comes with a team that responds quickly and efficiently to our requests, because (be still my heart!) they understand that’s part of the deal. 

Finally, and at long last, I can tell you all the ways you’re going to LOVE this new app.

  • The navigation is smooth and easy-peasy: you can quickly get around and find what you want. This includes big buttons, crispy-clean design, and clearly defined options and categories. 
  • If you’re interrupted while listening, there’s a pick-up-where-you-left-off feature that shows up when you next open the screen.
  • You can build your library of favorites through your listening history and through the intuitive groupings of cross-indexed categories.
  • You have immediate access to product information if you want it – a full description of the content, the author/narrator bio, and a listing of everything else that’s available in each category.
  • We have tutorials for new users, so they can feel confident that they know how to use the app and get where they want to go.
  • The sleep timer lets you set a time for the audio to switch off, so you don’t run out your battery when you fall asleep listening.
  • It’s simple, clear and easy to favorite, download and shuffle tracks. You can also skip ahead or backtrack a few seconds when listening, and speed up or slow down the audio speed.

Now, depending on your type of phone and the way you’re subscribed, some of you will one day just open your app and find the new one.  Others may have to fill out some info first.

Either way, we’re committed to making this transition as smooth and easy on you as possible. We understand that this is what we wanted you to have in the first place, and it’s on us to do what it takes to make sure you have it!


All best,