Question: I have your PTSD 3 CD set (please link and show cover) and I cannot describe how much listening to them for the last 6 months has helped me. I am able to have relationships and love in my life again. Thank you.

I also have LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis) which has decreased my lung function down to 22% putting me on the Lung Transplant list. I would like to choose a CD to help me heal my lungs. Which one would you suggest?


Dear Charles,

I’m very gratified to hear that CD set was a help for your PTSD.  It’s great that a technique like guided imagery can do a lot of the emotional “heavy lifting”, even with (and I would argue especially with) a condition as profound and distressing as posttraumatic stress.  It gets to function as “help in a box” - self-administered, portable and effective. Whether with a therapist in an adjunct capacity, or all by itself, for people who have no access to that kind of professional help, it gets the job done. I love that!  That’s why we can ship it to our troops and vets and hope for the best there, too.

As for your LAM - which, by the way, I had to look up to make sure I understood what that entailed - we have nothing that specifically addresses this tough, genetically based condition.  Our General Wellness imagery could help in a broad way, with its emphasis on getting rid of unhealthy cells and tissue; and the Asthma imagery could help with reducing inflamed areas in the lung pathways and opening up spaces in the airways for better breathing.  But there’s nothing that quite covers just the specifics and full range of challenges with LAM.
I would recommend that, in addition to these audios, you try a couple of sessions with a trained, one-on-one interactive imagery specialist, who could hone in on your precise disease and symptoms.  You can look for qualified practitioners at the Integrative Medicine Unit at your local hospital; or else you could ask at Imagery International or the Academy for Guided Imagery.
I hope this helps.  All best wishes to you for a speedy transplant and a long and healthy life!