Dear Health Journeys,

I used your pre-surgery CD a couple of years ago with great success (especially significant since I have PTSD around medical things & hospitals, after so many horrible experiences there when my chronically ill late husband was dying, over many years.) Thank you!  

Now my question:  a colleague of mine has a son who is a gifted musician, now 17 & auditioning for prestigious conservatories.  He is having problems with the stress of these auditions impairing his performance.  Have you anything that might help him?


Dear Susan,

Thanks for the kind words.  I'm glad the surgery imagery was helpful. As for your colleague's son, if you want something else specifically by me, I would recommend the Self-Confidence/Peak Performance imagery.
Martha Howard’s Keys to Your Highest Potential also gets rave reviews; and Emmett Miller’s Optimal Performance is another great mind-body classic I can enthusiastically recommend.

And if he has trouble relating to guided imagery or hypnosis (although I kind of doubt it, being as how he’s a musician and therefore already has an automatic leg up on these trance-inducing methods), he might want to try an acupoint tapping/energy medicine technique that is quite effective - Mary Sise’s most excellent DVD for Stress Management & Peak Performance, which teaches a simple but powerful protocol (EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) that should help a lot with this.
I hope this helps.

All best wishes,