Hi, everyone.

Hey, I want to urge those of you who’ve been obsessing, procrastinating or gnashing your teeth over creating your own blog, to check out a really helpful and reassuring resource, with lots of specific, practical suggestions to get you started.  Dr. Ruth Buczynski, the psychologist who founded NICABM and who’s gone viral all over the internet and all over the world, has put together a series of videos on how to start your own blog.  It’s geared for clinicians, but, really, the ideas she presents work for just about anyone writing about anything.

Ruth, who’s always had a grasp of the latest, cutting edge information on psychology and health, has been spending the past couple years learning how to make better use of the internet to teach and disseminate content (and monetize it, too, let’s not forget). She’s particularly pumped about this video series.  She wrote me just last week,

“Sorry that I go on and on about this project, but I'm kind of stoked about it.  I really do think we could make a difference in the world if we could get a positive, optimistic, hopeful message out there.  And it's fun, especially getting so many comments from all around the world.” (She got nearly 600 posts reacting to this first video!)

Click here to check out this first video on the art and science of bloggery, and to find the subsequent ones she’s put together.  It’ll give a lot of people the kick-start and the support they’ve been looking for to get the ball rolling.

I’m told we got a really nice shout-out for our guided imagery for moms-to-be, Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth, at a baby shower site.  So thank you to them. It’s good to see guided imagery being recommended for pregnancy and delivery - the huge hormone shifts that go on during those times (not to mention lactation) make it an ideal, trancey time to get the maximum benefit out of a technique that’s basically immersive and hypnotic.

And big thanks as well to the Weight Loss Doctor for recommending guided imagery as a powerful tool for releasing unhealthy weight.

And in a clever, poignant blog that’s been tongue-in-cheek named Another Damn Development Opportunity: Maggie's Cancer Adventure (I love that title), the plucky Maggie describes the preparation and research she’s been doing to prepare for surgery and radiation, and talks about how guided imagery has been really helpful to her in all of this.  An obviously smart, resourceful, can-do kind of woman, she writes,

“I’ve been surprised at how overwhelming it is.  Tuesday, after two long appointments I just hit the wall and had to be put to bed for a nap.  Some days it feels like an alternate universe. Fortunately, I have dear friends who have already cured their cancer and they have been reassuring voices of experience…”

Anyway, cheers and Godspeed to Maggie!  

And, speaking of cancer, here’s a reminder to those of you within spitting distance of Knoxville TN, that The Wellness Community there will be hosting an all-day cancer survivorship extravaganza to celebrate 20 years of doing great things for people touched by cancer - patients, families and health professionals.  Jeremy Geffen will be speaking there, as will I, and several other people with something useful to say.  Click here to check out the whole program and find out how to register.

OK, take care and be well.  

All best,