Huge Discounts for Teachers Who Want to Offer Meditation to Their Students!

The word is out and it’s spreading fast. The Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore decided to replace their detention room with a mindful meditation room, and got stunningly positive results. Behavior improved. Performance improved. Impulse control got a whole lot better. Life in general improved at Robert W. Coleman.

Not everyone knows this, but here’s the thing: even little kids can meditate – preschoolers, too. And you may be surprised to learn that teenagers take to it like a duck to water. (They’re in a hormone-induced trance state anyway, so it doesn’t take much to get them in the zone.)

One school had so much success with the program, they expanded it and made it available to all their students, not just the ones in trouble. Mindfulness has become an after-school activity offered every day. 

We love it that schools are adopting mindfulness and other forms of guided meditation, because we know this gives kids a set of powerful skills that will last them a lifetime.

So listen up, teachers, school administrators, teachers’ aides and parents! We’re offering a whopping 40% off any of our mindfulness and guided imagery downloads, in hopes you’ll introduce this practice to your kids.

Just use the promo code SCHOOL16 at check out. But hurry, this offer ends Friday, October 21st. Once you try it and see the impact this simple practice has on behavior, performance, mood and attitude, you’ll be all in, I promise.

You might want to start looking on our kids’ page for some great meditative resources, but keep in mind that any of our adult guided meditations will work fine for most teens and even older middle schoolers. And we have some wonderful new mindfulness titles by Julie Lusk and Traci Stein for you to check out as well.

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