Huzzah! Julie Lusk’s Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness Downloads Are Here!

Well, folks,

They’re here at last – Julie Lusk’s much anticipated and long-awaited new audio programs! Her Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Renewal, explains Yoga Nidra is a form of deep, restorative relaxation that opens mind, body and spirit to powerful healing and intuitive mind-states.

Julie provides clear step-by-step guidance, using body positioning, breathing techniques, intention setting, guided imagery, mindful awareness and insight meditation, taking her listeners deeper and deeper into a state of profound relaxation that renews and restores all the weary places. I swear, even while I was working on edits, it sneaked up on me and did its magic!

Julie also created Guided Mindfulness Meditations: Practicing Presence & Finding Peace. This audio program is a wonderful counterpoint to Traci Stein’s new Mindfulness Meditations audio program, which leans in the direction of psychological nuance and immersive self-hypnosis, because of Julie’s mastery and strong focus on sensory and body awareness.

She is, after all, first and foremost a master yoga instructor. (Just for the record, the iconic Lilias Folan attends her classes regularly, people!!)

Julie's clear guidance and joyful approach makes these tracks easy to follow and gratifying to use.

She offers a basic mindfulness training track as well as a long and a short mindfulness experience, and there’s also a track with tips on how to be mindful informally throughout the day.

The net effect from using either of these wonderful audio programs is calmer nerves, sharper focus, brighter outlook, more balanced perspective and feeling more fully present and alive in the moment.

So by all means, check these out! Julie’s page is here, with many of her other books and audios, including her new book, Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief.

Take care and be well,

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