I'm a Therapist Who Likes to Start My Sessions with 3 Minutes of Guided Imagery. What Do You Suggest I Play?


I’ve been using Belleruth’s guided imagery for many years. I’m now a therapist, and sometimes I like to begin my sessions with mindfulness, especially my couples sessions. I’m looking for a 3-minute audio download to bring calmness, so my clients can feel a sense of calm and clarity during the session. 5 minutes seems too long. Any recommendations from your catalog?

Thank you!

Hi, Laura. Great question and a great idea for starting a therapy session.

It seems like we’re getting this question more and more these days, and we’ve even begun creating streaming pages for some clinical practices and health spas, for just these purposes.

One lifestyle club requested under 5-minute meditations for members in need of centering, calming and focus, just before entering a high stakes business meeting in the conference room next door! How clever is that?

Here are some suggestions:

Amy Weintraub’s Breathe to Beat the Blues has several excellent meditations that are around 3 minutes. Check her out – she’s terrific, and the meditations are both calming and energizing.

Bodhipaksa has some wonderful brief meditations in Mindfulness Meditations for Teens, which, truthfully, are just as great for adults.

I have a few exercises that can be reduced to a playing time of around 3-4 minutes, by just playing them and fading down the sound when you feel it’s enough to get the job done – check out the Guided Imagery Mix or our Mindfulness Mix. You can also try any 3-minutes of our Affirmations audio – a lot of those positive statements are a nice opener for a therapy session.

We also have some brief breath work by Andy Weil and some short meditations by Jon Kabat-Zinn, but we can only make those available on our streaming pages, due to the agreement with the publisher.

And if you and your colleagues want a streaming page of mix and match super-brief meditations, we can create that for you as well. Just contact Maureen Missal at [email protected] or 800.800.8661 to learn more.

All best,