We got this from a very pleased new mom:

“I had heard guided imagery for pregnancy and delivery in my Lamaze class and loved it.  I tracked it down on Amazon - it helped me tremendously, as did the breathing techniques I learned in class. I had a beautiful natural childbirth. My husband was over the moon.  It was our first baby.  My Mom said it was the most beautiful and peaceful birth she ever saw.

“The Lamaze class and breathing techniques helped during the contractions and the imagery CD really helped me especially with sleeping between contractions. I used it to fall asleep to for a couple weeks before the baby was born, so when I used it during delivery it made me go right back to that state of mind.  I bounced back very fast with energy to spare, because I never got that tired from having my baby in the first place. This should be standard equipment, along with the ice chips and the pillow, for laboring moms.”
Amy P.