Dear Belleruth,
Have you ever considered creating guided imagery to support new moms with breastfeeding? I have used guided imagery for different circumstances and have always found it very helpful. As a new mom committed to breastfeeding my daughter, I would welcome any guided imagery in support of breastfeeding.
Linda O’D.

Hi, Linda.
We've gotten your excellent suggestion before, and it's on our list, but it's not way up at the top, because other topics have been requested a lot more frequently. So I can’t promise you a recording, but I can make these suggestions:   

First of all, any generic relaxation audio should help before and during breastfeeding - you might consider our Relaxation & Wellness or General Wellness; and there are several others I can highly recommend: Tracy Carreon’s CD, A Moment’s Peace; or Karen Sothers’ Sacred Pause; or KRS Edstrom’s Relax Mind & Body; or David Illig’s Calm & Relaxed; or Kelly Howell’s Let Go of Stress.

Or you could just play Steve Kohn’s exquisite music - for this, I’d recommend his Meditative Reflections, because it’s 64 minutes of seamless, supremely relaxing deeply calming music.  I personally just love it and will often play it as background music while I’m working - it puts me in a great state of mind. And while listening, you could imagine all sorts of things, depending on what you’re concerned about:

  • The unique, stinging sensation of your milk coming down, just as it’s needed;

  • Or if you have worries about your supply, you could imagine the nourishing sensation of warm water flowing over your breasts, relaxing them and keeping them feeling warm and comfy and resourceful; 

  • You might imagine your nipples becoming more and more resilient - just as they actually do become in a matter of weeks - somehow managing to stay soft and supple, but tougher too - no longer getting sore from those relentless little gums!
  • You could also focus on the miracle of your body learning when milk is needed and when it isn’t - so you can count on it flowing for feedings, but producing zero leakage at work or when you’re out and about. This too is something that happens naturally over time, but imagining your body’s ingenuity at this is another satisfying, reinforcing image.
  • And of course focusing on the notion that nourishment from your body is creating startling and amazing growth and change from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute in your baby.

  • You might also enjoy imagining that you’re in a safe and protected bubble with your baby, where a delicious intimacy can be sustained.

  • And you can also imagine that you are surrounded and protected by all the mothers and grandmothers who have come before you, nodding and smiling and delighting in your mothering of this baby.  

Well, those are starters, anyway!  It’s all a complete miracle, no question about it!  Hell, who needs imagery?  The reality itself is pretty dazzling.  It’s kind of like the reality itself is dazzling imagery, eh?

Best wishes to all of you!