Our Latest Healing Imagery for Embracing a New Medicine Is Now Available!

Well, it’s here and ready for release to the general public - Maurine Killough’s terrific new Guided Imagery for Embracing a New Medicine!  

Maurine is a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotist working with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She weaves imagery techniques with hypnosis and other approaches, to help people overcome challenges like stress, trauma, performance anxiety, and self-esteem issues. She also leads weekly meditation groups.  

We’re delighted to have this wonderful new addition to our library and know full well what it can do for people.  I know I sure could have used it when I had my clinical practice.

Because when people fully embrace their treatment, whether that takes the form of pills or chemo or shots or skin patches, they add extra impetus to the healing action of their medicine.

I saw a lot of people avoiding or stalling on taking meds that could make a big difference in their lives because they didn’t think much of pill-taking in general; or they’re afraid of the side effects, or that they’ll become addicted to it. Or maybe they think they should be able to tough it out without pharmaceutical help, and that it’s a sign of weak character.

Now, sometimes there’s good reason to be wary of medicine. But sometimes you just need it.

I remember a client I used to see, who for years suffered from depression, but she just slogged through her day and did everything she was supposed to do, in spite of feeling like everything was a struggle. It was exhausting.

She had a son in recovery for addiction and the idea of taking anti-depressants every day to give her a boost out of the daily drudgery of living just scared the heck out of her.

Every now and then I’d bring it up, suggest it could help boost her out of the rut – just temporary! - and then she could go off of them, and coast at a higher, happier level of functioning.  And every time, she politely but firmly declined. She had a will of steel.

Then she hit a really brutal patch that didn’t dissipate. So I leaned on her, using every bit of trust and glue our relationship held, to persuade her to give the meds a try. I pushed. She pushed back.  I wish I’d had Maurine’s audio to offer. She resisted and resisted and then finally she said okay.  

Needless to say, after 3-4 weeks, she was a new woman – energized, insanely productive and utterly amazed that she could feel the way she used to feel long ago, in ways she’d forgotten. She must have thought the meds would make her feel not herself, but instead, she felt more like she was back to her old self – her real self. 

She’d jokingly say to me, “Cheesh, Belleruth. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” and we’d both laugh. (I’d known she was good, responsible, caring and strong-willed, but I’d had no idea she was funny.)

She didn’t need to stay on the meds for very long. And she felt good for quite a few months. And when she started to dip, she’d get back on track with another dose, but no longer worried that she’d be stuck on them forever. 

That was years ago. I still run into her now and then. She doesn’t need pills or any kind of therapy at all now. She looks great.

So maybe you have somebody like this who could use some healthy encouragement and reassurance. Or someone who just wants to get his body into maximum compliance with his treatment.

If so do consider the usefulness of this most excellent piece of work. In essence, Maurine makes intros: Body, meet your Medicine; Medicine, this is the Body you’ll be helping to heal. Talk to each other!

I found it to be pitch-perfect, direct, smart, and effective. And short and sweet as it was, it was exactly long enough to achieve its intended purpose.

All best,