Imagery Great For Surgery, Second Only To Fabulous Surgeon

We were pretty tickled to find this ringing endorsement of guided imagery for before, during and after surgery, from a Kaiser Permanente HMO member who found it on the KP patient education web page.

A friend of mine recommended guided imagery for surgery --- her surgeon had recommended it to her. I was lucky to find out that Kaiser offers this on their website, and I was able to get it there.

I listened to the "pre-surgery" (tracks 2 and 3) portion each evening for a couple of weeks before my (hip replacement) surgery (skipping past the intro each evening).

I took my portable CD player into pre-op with me and was listening to it as they prepared me for the operating room, and was still listening to it as they wheeled me down the hall.

I have no idea when the ear buds were removed, but my sister had it available for me when I was moved up to my room post-op. I listened to it in the hospital whenever I was trying to sleep, and then for the ten days in a skilled nursing facility.

I truly believe that this CD was what allowed me to maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire experience. Friends commented on the change in me and how I was handling the challenges that arose during recovery.

I have recommended this CD to several friends who are approaching surgery (and knowing that they will probably NOT buy it for themselves, I pick up one for them and gift them with it). It really was the best tool in my surgical tool-kit (second only to my wonderful surgeon)!

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