A 24-year-old with the talent and ambition to be a professional singer struggled with performance anxiety until a personal coach taught him a little "imagery rehearsal therapy" to get him past his fear.. I am a 24 year old singer whose day job is delivering packages. I am told I have a really good voice and enough talent to make it professionally. I love to sing.

I had been trying to work up the guts to audition at various local venues or to even get up for open mike nights at a few clubs in my area. Only problem – just the thought of doing this terrified me. I could not bring myself to do it, I was that paralyzed with fear.

I started working with a personal coach, a friend of my sister’s, who got me into using my imagination to rehearse in my mind all the particulars of singing in front of a crowd. I worked with him for 4 weeks, and the change was downright amazing.

Last week, I sang at an open mike night, and once I got started, you could not have dragged me off the stage. Also, the response from the audience was really positive, and that kept me on a roll. I feel like I’ve broken through something really big. I also know that if I get scared again, I can go back to the methods my coach taught me. I am on my way to making my dream happen. He suggested I post this on your Inspiring Story page for others to see and take courage from.

Matthew Frost