He Wants Imagery that Dispenses with the Peaceful Place Opener


Dear Belleruth,

I would like some CD recommendations for your meditations that don't deal with a favorite, peaceful place.

My interests are relaxation and peace, self love and acceptance. I experience some constant low level anxiety and fear that periodically spikes due to situations I cannot control. Shame and guilt seem to be part of the package.

Although I have done inner work for many years, I have found some additional insight from your book: Invisible Heroes.

I am enjoying the Wellness Meditation which doesn't use the favorite place.

Any help much appreciated,


Dear Mario,

Yes, many of the guided meditations we produce start out with a peaceful place induction, to increase the relaxation and dreamy, immersive mind state before moving on to the more targeted imagery that follows. For many people, it increases the positive impact to be more relaxed when approaching the more focused, healing content of the recording.

But it's true that some people don't need a favorite place to relax, and some don't find the favorite place imagery relaxing. Some get lost trying to decide what is their most favorite place (even though it's not necessary to pick the absolute best one) and some people feel there is no safe place on the planet, even in their imaginations.

We do have some guided imagery programs that don't start off with a favorite place. The Healing Trauma imagery, for instance, doesn't use a peaceful place as part of its narrative.

Nor does Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal.

Three (out of four) tracks on the Relieve Stress imagery don't have it (Anxiety, Walking Meditation, Affirmations).

Healthful Sleep doesn't use it.

And Mastering Menopause doesn't have it either.

As for your goals for yourself, I would say that since almost all of the imagery I create is designed to open the heart and generate feelings of loving kindness, a general sense of gratitude and connection to the greater whole, any one of these should help you reach your goals of relaxation and peace, self-love and self-acceptance.

But I can't talk about self-acceptance without recommending Traci Stein's Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem during Sleep self-hypnosis programs.

They're excellent, and help create change, both in the sleeping and the waking state.

I hope this gives you a place to start.

All best,


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