What You Don’t Know About Traci Stein PhD, the Voice We All Love

I first met Traci Stein in the late nineties when she was Mehmet Oz’s point person for mind-body research & evaluation at Columbia Presbyterian.

In those pre-TV show days, Mehmet was trying out various techniques like guided imagery, when not inventing valves out of esoteric pig parts or doing CABG surgeries on beloved NY luminaries like Joe Torre, manager of the Yankees.

Traci was amazing to work with from the very start – smart, diligent, accommodating, responsible, considerate, and insanely productive.

(How she wrote such a great, empathic, intuitive guided meditation on procrastination, I have no idea. She’s a machine!!) 

She had a special interest in guided imagery and went on to get her PhD in psychology, along with several other certificates in hypnosis, meditation, and other fun techniques.

Her beautiful meditations have been hugely popular – her voice, choice of language, and ability to combine imagery, mindfulness and hypnosis into her own unique narratives – always choosing to offer short and long versions of her meditations, plus one for during sleep – has hit a real sweet spot in meeting the needs of a wide range of people. 

We’re honored to feature her on our list and publish her work, which includes

She also is featured on our Mindful Meditation Mix and has an award-winning book, The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management. 

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