An incest survivor talks about the value of imagery for infertility and pregnancy and then some.. not only did she conceive after years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, but she feels the imagery healed old scars.. I am an incest survivor who has healed many scars. My life is good and I am married to a wonderful loving man. However, after trying to conceive for many years without success, and going through the exhausting and dehumanizing manipulations of the "Fertility Industry", a compassionate nurse in one of the infertility practices suggested we try your guided imagery for Help with Infertility.

Not only did we get pregnant after 3 oddly relaxed months (resulting in a beautiful little baby girl, seven pounds, 6 ounces) but the infertility imagery and then your imagery for pregnancy and labor (Ed. Note: Healthy Pregnancy and Successful Childbirth) seem to have further healed my heart and soul in ways I never believed possible.

As a result, I am a much more open and joyful person, more trusting of myself and the important people in my life, and I know this has helped to make me the wife and mother my husband and daughter deserve to have.

I believe that anyone struggling with the demeaning (but sometimes necessary) rigmarole of infertility treatment should use these amazing, healing audio programs. They deliver much more than fertility, although that is plenty!!!!!!

A Grateful Mother in Ann Arbor