Ed note:  This is Diana’s response to BR’s reply to her question, posted here.   Clearly this is one plucky dame.

Dear Belleruth,
I was just viewing a video clip linked to your blog ... I somehow wandered smack dab into it and this is what I saw - I saw a 92 year old woman dancing the salsa with her 29 year old grandson and I felt joyful just watching her.

As I watched her strength and grace it began to occur to me that I am 50... ONLY 50... and she was nearly my age when I was born.... and that means that if I follow in my family footsteps and live into my 90s ... well... if I start today I have an entire lifetime still ahead of me..  Possibly four decades plus change... the time it took for me to be born, grow into a woman, earn a few degrees, find and marry my soul mate, give birth to two amazing sons who are nearly men now, teach hundreds of children, work to supervise and guide many, many teachers, self publish a book, author several articles about young children, and help more than a few people find their way to well qualified Lyme-literate physicians who will help them like mine helped me.  

And now, at the age of 50 (only 50!) it seems that I have so much potential for living up ahead, Lyme or no Lyme. If I were to be born all over again tomorrow, I would still have time for all that, sans the Lyme stuff.  It brings me to tears, actually, to think of it in this way.  So I posted the clip on my personal page, thankful to have found it and happy to have something really wonderful to share there that I know my friends will enjoy...  and then I popped into my inbox to find your letter still hot off the press, so to speak.  Perfect timing, to be sure.

Did you ever see the movie Moonstruck?  Loretta (Cher) gives Ronnie (Nicolas Cage) a slap across the face and says "SNAP OUT OF IT!", and while the slap in the face is something I hope to never physically experience again, the feeling of being brought to full attention is what comes to mind... and is appreciated to say the least!  Yes, your thoughts and advice are being taken very seriously and I am not even sure how to thank you for taking the time to reach out to a total stranger in that way..  

You mentioned Dr. Andrew Weil.  It just so happens that I recently found a doctor here in my home town, of all places, who was actually a former student of Dr. Weil. This doctor immediately accepted my diagnosis and immediately referred me to Dr. Zhang in NYC who is now treating me with Chinese Herbal Medicine alongside my antibiotic therapy.  

One thing, the last straw it seemed for me, was that I had been focusing on the shocking news that my new and spectacular doctor had just announced his leaving... moving hundreds of miles away!  

It really threw me for a loop and I let it.  I let myself look at this as an insurmountable loss rather than the gift that it really was; the gift of his referral to Dr. Zhang and his protocol.  Perhaps that is really all I needed from him and now he is needed elsewhere.  

Coincidentally (if you believe in that, which I don't) he is relocating to the exact small town in Tennessee where a friend of mine lives... a friend I met in a support group online... a friend who has Lyme Disease and no one to treat her.  Now she will have him.  She is very excited that he is coming to her town.  I am too, to tell you the truth.  

You see, usually I would be the sort to go straight to that good news and bypass all of the ugly stuff, but not this time. This time I flipped and landed right on my face.  This time I just couldn't see "up".  You are right... I was really, really stuck and getting 'stucker' by the second.  

I don't want to be defined by this disease.  I am not this disease..  And I have a whole lifetime ahead of me... I don't know that I'll ever dance the salsa but, hey, you never know... maybe, just maybe I will become a Rosen Movement practitioner... maybe I need to put that goal back on my list.  

Hey, I can think of a lot of Lymies and others who could be so positively touched by the Rosen Method.  Maybe if I let go of some of this distress I will find room there for life goals and not just battles.  Maybe that's all I have to do to get back to myself.  Easy?  No. But worth it?  Definitely.

Best wishes to you as well, and thank you very much.