This exquisitely written note was so moving and so heartfelt, it brought tears to the eyes of everyone on our staff.  We all say thank you for thanking us. 

Dear Belleruth & Health Journeys staff,
How can I thank you for your time and research except to take the time to tell you that you have changed and continue to change my life?  I can't do this without tears, I'm so grateful to you!

I am disabled with chronic PTSD which resulted largely from child abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, rape, and my fiancé's suicide. I have lost count of hospitalizations and suicide attempts. I doubt I've slept peacefully without medication since I was 4 months old.

My mother first gave me your book Invisible Heroes. I've read so many that it took a while to pick up. You understand trauma like someone who's been there. What's more, you know your topic and you provide solutions instead of just telling me what I already know.  I guess I'm trying to say you connect and then you inform. It worked.

The next thing Mom gave me was the CD set 'Three Stages of Healing Trauma'.  Again, I had little interest.  I'm just a left brain girl and that kind of thing has never been of interest to me.

But after 6 months of narcolepsy, I had quit taking my sleep meds about 3 months ago. I merely traded one nightmare for another. After 2 weeks, something opened my mind a fraction and I laid down one night with my iPod and flipped on your Sleep  track.  It's taken me 6 weeks to figure out what it says and I'm still not sure I've heard it all!  

I'm off all the sleep meds and most of my anxiety meds. I'm out of the house and seeing some friends. My psychiatrist asks me every week how I'm sleeping and is very happy to hear the good news. I've also used the Protection and Support track and it's very healing.  I can almost tell now when I go a few days without listening - I get a little grumpy! :-)

Yesterday was the first time I listened to the 'Imagery to Release Grief' track.  It's really wonderful and I already know it will help because I soaked my pillow.

Now I'm ready to heal my back, quit smoking, learn yoga, etc.  In ten years, I'll have one of each I'm sure.

So thank you Belleruth and everyone at Health Journeys, from your formerly greatest cynic who is now your greatest fan.  These are the gifts people like you give to people like me, a life, that can't be repaid.  My only hope is to share the freedom I've found. I've already bought 4 copies of your book for friends and even my ex-husband.  My Christmas shopping will be on your website, now that I've found it.

Blessings to all of you and yours,

Maurie H.

I forgot to tell you one of the most important things! Because of your book, I requested testing and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last Thursday. I had just changed physicians because my previous doctor had told me that people like me shouldn't research my symptoms and had treated me like a 'malingerer' for some time. I'm not happy to have such a diagnosis, but you gave me the courage to believe my body again and insist that it be taken care of by my chosen physician. Now I at least have the opportunity to obtain treatment.

Thank you AGAIN!