Rudolfo writes of his miraculous recovery from a devastating collision: "I was driving to work to go pick up my check on December 23rd, 2004- when an 18- wheeler pulled out in front of me.." Rudolfo writes of his miraculous recovery from a devastating collision:

I was driving to work to go pick up my check on December 23rd, 2004- when as witness reports later stated-an 18 wheeler pulled out in front of me across both lanes of traffic. Apparently I swerved to the right to avoid collision, lost control of my S.U.V., slammed into the curb and rolled four times. The truck came to rest upside down, my seat belt had broken and I was laying behind the driver''s seat unconscious and dying.

The Firemen later told me that they did not even hesitate to pull me out when they found me- They normally will not move an accident victim until there is an ambulance onsite to stabilize. They said I was having difficulty breathing was unconscious and bleeding from my ears and nose. I was taken to a local hospital and listed as John Doe because I did not have my wallet with me. The police however, found my paycheck and called my employer who gave them my emergency contact number- My wife. She was called by the hospital and told she needed to identify a body. With that thought in her mind she got to the hospital and found me unconscious and bloody. I had sustained a major skull fracture which required splinters of skull to be removed from my brain, orbital bone fractures and a broken jaw.

The firemen stated that the steering column had been shot free of it''s anchoring and is probably what caused all the face trauma. When my skull fractured, the force of impact at the base devasted my right inner ear beyond repair and I was leaking spinal fluid profusely. From the time of impact until I was flown 280 miles to a regional hospital, it had been eight hours until a Neurosurgery/Trauma Team was able to see me. Due to the holiday time frame there were none on call. The prognosis was not positive from the surgeon. He told my family to prepare for the worst because I was probably not going to survive the night due to massive frontal lobe swelling.

My Mother sought comfort in her faith and asked the nurse to please find a clergyman to pray for me and issue me Last Rites. A priest was found and he prayed for me, but he did not give Last Rites- My Mom was specific with that request and was determined that I receive them. There was no time for anyone else to see me. As my parents were on their way up to the twelfth floor- a man in the elevator said, "excuse me, I am a retired Catholic priest and I am looking for a friend to pray for, but I''m lost". Now, my aunts in another city had been praying in their congregation that we would receive a sign I would live the night. The "lost" priest gave me Last Rites and annointed my head with oil.

Bear in mind, I had been unconscious from the moment of impact, but with my family as witness, when that priest made the sign of the cross on my forehead- my arms and legs all came up off the bed and began vibrating in the air for a few seconds; then I returned to my previous position. No one realized that they had just seen the power of God wielded through one of His worthy vehicles.

What is more, until I regained consciousness days later and accepted Christ as my saviour, I had always denied God and his existence. Such was His love for an unworthy man such as I, that He reached out and touched my body and my heart and healed me. I remember talking to the doctor when I finally did regain consciousness and he said, "It''s like a miracle of God you even survived that first night"! That was a brave admission for someone who puts a lot of faith in his hands and abilites.

I was told to expect a long stay and even longer recovery. In actuality, they had to release me after two weeks, because they could no longer find any reason to keep me there. Physical Therapy said I was fine, Neurology said I was fine, and my wounds had all closed and healed. far ahead of time with very minimal scarring. I did lose hearing in my right ear, but for the realization I arrived at in coming to know God and accept my saviour, it was a very small price to pay for eternity in Heaven with my Lord.