Interest in Guided Imagery and Meditation at an All-Time High

Wow. Guided imagery has come a long way. This past week we marveled at the dramatic and dizzying shift we were witnessing. We had an upsurge of requests for our content - from medical centers, academic researchers, app builders and universities.

Happy New Year to mind-body therapies!!

I remember when I first began making our “tapes” 27 years ago, in 1989. The only medical professionals who would help me with my research on specific illnesses and their remedies were the docs and nurses who were my friends and neighbors. I needed to have a correct understanding of the disease process and how the body naturally fights it, in order to write physiologically accurate imagery, so I had to have expert answers to my questions. Those answers came from friends.

They may or may not have thought I was nuts (as some later confessed), but they couldn’t say no. Bless them. That was how I learned enough to create medically realistic imagery for those first audio programs for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, AIDS and stroke. 

Patients educated me about what it was like to have the condition, and they weren’t hard to recruit at all. Bless them, too. They were more than willing to share their symptoms and frustrations.

But suffice it to say, getting a foothold for these interventions in traditional medicine was no day at the beach a quarter century ago.

So, imagine our delight when last week we found ourselves fielding calls and queries from a world class university in the UK, a major chain of dialysis centers in the U.S., researchers with grants to build apps to help survivors of domestic violence, people with chronic pain, and those suffering from depression; medical centers looking to use our content for their portal pages, phone lines, bedside tablets, and TV screens in patient rooms. 

Seriously gratifying!! A wonderful convergence of technology and healing techniques as old as dirt - high tech and high touch. Huzzah! I’m happy to have lived long enough to see this change in attitudes and practice.

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