Brand New Guided Imagery for Bone Health from the Storied Mind-Body Pioneer, Emmett Miller MD

Every now and then we get lucky and Emmett Miller MD agrees to develop some guided imagery for us – this time it’s for bone health – osteoporosis and osteopenia – something you’ve been repeatedly requesting for a long time.

Emmett is arguably the first and foremost pioneer of medically based and psychologically sound guided imagery.

Back in the 80’s, guided imagery was on a steep learning curve, starting from a pretty naïve and simplistic place. We were sent on strictly visual imaginary journeys where we saw pac-men chomping our cancer cells out of existence, and we were encouraged to proclaim we were in perfect health, even if we were actually pretty sick.

But even back then, Dr. Miller was creating a brilliant body of science based work that went from dealing with depression to cancer, from sports performance to healthy blood pressure. He stuck with reality and took it from there. His content is still remarkably evergreen, even though today’s technology and sound engineering sometimes warrants a redo.

So we’re proud to introduce Emmett’s biology-based guided imagery for bone health, designed to support and maintain healthy bone growth and repair. We get to imagine the natural, built-in cellular activity that repairs weakened bone tissue, as well as the work of cells that prevent overgrowth. But we imagine it in a multi-sensory way, as felt sensation in the body.  And we get brilliant pops of metaphor that allow us to accurately imagine the process but in marvelously fantastical ways.

Emmett’s recording is also big on motivating and supporting the adoption of healthier behaviors, involving good nutrition & supplements, weight-bearing exercise, relaxation, and if needed, medication, while promoting self-appreciation and gratitude for the genius of the body.

We encourage everyone, but especially small-boned women over 45 years old, to listen daily to Emmett’s simple but powerful immersive experience, spoken in his powerful, immersive, instantly identifiable voice. It’s a good idea to start early to support and increase the process of repair that occurs naturally, while augmenting your general strength, resilience and wellness.

So check it out!

There’s a separate track of brief, realistic affirmations that are safe to use while you're on the go. 

And as with most of our audios, the music is composed and played by the incomparable Steven Mark Kohn, and produced by The Cleveland Orchestra's Bruce Gigax.

And stay tuned. There’s even more where this came from! Soon we’ll be introducing yet another gem for bone health, by the gifted Glenda Cedarleaf, to offer you an entirely different style, gender and voice to keep your bones strong and to compliment and alternate with Emmett’s.

Take care and keep those bones strong! 

All best,