Hello and greetings.  Summer seems to be whisking by so fast, I’m getting whiplash.  Maybe that’s because there’s a lot going on around here!  

For one thing, Traci Stein’s Healthy-Self Esteem imagery and its cousin, Self-Esteem during Sleep continues to fly off the shelves.  This is clearly meeting a big need out there, and we’re getting great feedback on it from many of you, too.

We have a terrific, fun, energizing new presence in Akron, Jim Mosnot, our Client Relationship Manager, who’s generating all kinds of creative ideas and outreach to hospitals, clinics, HMO’s, patient advocacy groups, health and wellness divisions of corporations as well as the military and V.A.

He’s finding new ways to get guided imagery into the zeitgeist.  He’s already had several discussions about private labeling our recordings, not to mention get them on websites, TV screens and phones.  So if you’ve got some ideas for your hospital, organization, institution or agency and want somebody to run ‘em by, Jim’s your man.

He’s worked in healthcare a long time, but comes to guided imagery mainly through sports (baseball – star pitcher) and the “mental imagery” of athletics – he’s quite the jock and still coaches his kids’ Little League teams.  And we think part of the reason he’s so energizing and fun to be with is, he’s got that jock charisma thing going on.  You’ll see.

We’re also getting a lot of queries about our new TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) guided imagery.  People who work in rehab and neuro units are asking if it will help stroke survivors, people with M.S. or Parkinson’s, and those dealing with Acquired Brain Injury (from tumors, infections, etc).  The answer is yes, it’s designed to help with many of those symptoms as well.  You can find a fuller answer on this week’s Ask Belleruth

We’re also getting ready for some exciting meetings with the Army, but we’ll save that for another time, when we have some specifics to talk about (and permission to talk about ‘em.)

Okay, take care and be well!

All best,