I’m delighted to welcome clinical psychologist and ASCH-certified hypnotherapist, Traci Stein PhD, MPH to our very picky list of featured practitioners. Traci’s work is of such stellar quality that we’re producing it on our own HJ label, starting with two terrific titles that focus on fostering healthy self-esteem. The downloads for Healthy Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem during Sleep are ready now and the packaged CDs will be in the warehouse early in August

I first met Traci when she was in charge of research for the now very famous Mehmet Oz, and juggling an impressive number of studies in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Columbia University.  At Mehmet’s request, we were developing some guided imagery for post-CABG patients (coronary artery bypass graft or “cabbage”), recovering in the cardiac ICU and cardiac rehab units. 

Later on, Traci launched a guided imagery study with this population and saw it through to write up and journal acceptance in Holistic Nursing Practice.  She was always fun to work with, super smart and capable, and very committed to finding creative, effective ways to launch guided imagery and other integrative therapies into the hospital, in order to empower patients, improve their health, enhance their sense of personal agency and ease their discomfort.  You can find her blog here.

So now Traci has recorded a couple of very unique and skillful audio programs  – what she calls “guided self-hypnosis” and what I’d probably describe as a creative hybrid between hypnosis and guided imagery - to foster healthy self-esteem in listeners.  It’s a welcome addition to our catalog and something we get requests for all the time.  We love Traci’s approach, the quality of her narrative and the hefty clinical sophistication that permeates her work. And we also love her voice.  

The first audio program for Healthy Self-Esteem will feature two guided exercises - a short version and a long one, as well as a track of brief, powerful affirmations. The program will provide maximum flexibility for listening in a relaxed state or while on the go, combining Traci’s guided imagery and hypnotic techniques to help release self-doubt; cultivate feelings of personal mastery; envision a more empowered future self; and encourage present moment self-acceptance - all while embracing positive change.  

This recording will be especially impactful when used in conjunction with her second title: Self-Esteem during Sleep. Designed as a complement to Healthy Self-Esteem by Traci Stein, it will feature potent hypnotic imagery specifically designed to encourage a stronger, more confident and healthy sense of self-worth, while dropping the listener into a state of deeply restorative sleep.  Especially helpful for those whose Inner Critic tends to interfere with positive change in the waking state, it will also enhance sleep quality for anyone looking for nourishing rest while doing the work of inner healing.   

So we welcome Traci with great enthusiasm and we’re eager to share her work with you. Remember, downloads for Healthy Self Esteem and Self-Esteem during Sleep are ready now and the packaged CDs will be in the warehouse soon!

All best,